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The iPhone Moment of Artificial Intelligence

Aktualisiert: 12. Mai 2023

In a fascinating lecture at the OMR conference, Sascha Lobo took the audience on a journey into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and shed light on the tremendous impact it will have on our lives. Under the title "ChatGPT - The iPhone Moment of Artificial Intelligence," he presented his vision of a new era that has just begun. Lobo emphasized that AI will revolutionize our world in almost every field, from medicine to marketing. The technology will become embedded in our society and have a profound influence on how we live, work, and communicate. ChatGPT, as a form of AI, represents a crucial milestone. It is comparable to the groundbreaking moment when the iPhone forever changed the world of mobile phones. Despite the enormous potential of AI and the inevitable changes it brings, Lobo noted that Germany is still responding too hesitantly to the impending revolution. There is a lack of investments in research and development, educational offerings that prepare for the changes, and the necessary courage to venture into new paths. In his keynote, however, Lobo not only presented the challenges but also proposed solutions. He emphasized the importance of investing in AI research and promoting startups to drive innovation. At the same time, he highlighted the significance of targeted education to prepare people for the new requirements and alleviate fears. Furthermore, Lobo appealed to society's courage to embrace change and seize opportunities. Instead of fearing the future, we should actively engage with it and shape the transformation. Only by doing so can we successfully navigate the transformation of our economy and harness the benefits of AI. It is up to all of us to translate this vision into reality. By recognizing the value of AI, investing in research and education, and having the courage to explore new paths, we can actively shape the upcoming revolution and positively impact the future of our country.

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